Esteban Quevedo Pardo

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Esteban Quevedo Pardo

About Me

With over 7 years of experience in the dynamic realm of the technology industry, I have developed my skills in programming languages, software consulting, data engineering, and DevOps. My expertise lies in turning ideas into tangible products, creating effective data solutions, and adapting to the constantly changing technology landscape.



With over 4 years in business solutions consultancy, I've successfully delivered 8+ projects. Specializing in Odoo ERP implementations, I excel in starting from scratch, defining customer requirements, configuring, integrating, and customizing modules like CRM and Sales. I've crafted insightful reports for clients, demonstrating analytical prowess and attention to detail. 



has been pivotal in my programming journey, allowing me to create digital marvels and confront diverse challenges. As a computer programming student, I've expanded my linguistic repertoire by engaging in projects and exploring languages such as C++, Java, and Scala. This exploration broadened my skills and embraced the versatility these languages offer. 



I have spent 5+ years harnessing the potential of the Odoo framework. Beyond enhancing existing modules, I have spearheaded the development of entirely new models, API integrations, and SQL reports tailored to meet diverse client needs.


I have more than 2 years of experience in the
Big Data landscape, I specialize in crafting efficient data storage solutions through Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

I​ orchestrate ETL/ELT pipelines through Apache Airflow. Whether it's SQL or NoSQL databases, I am at ease navigating the data terrain.


In the ever-evolving DevOps landscape, I have spent 1+ years managing CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins and GitHub Actions. ​Containerization with Docker,  and Kubernetes. I have expertise in efficient container management in K8S using ArgoCD, as well as smooth ​​deployments using Helm-Charts. Additionally, I am ​well-versed in metrics and monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Elasticsearch, ​and Grafana.

Soft Skills

Beyond the lines of code and technical prowess, my professional journey is complemented by a set of invaluable soft skills that contribute to a holistic and collaborative work environment. 


Adept at breaking down complex issues to discern key insights and facilitate informed decision-making.

Clear Communicator

Articulate in conveying ideas, and ensuring transparent communication to facilitate collaboration and understanding.

Team Player

Thrives in collaborative environments, valuing diverse perspectives and contributing actively to achieve shared objectives.


Focused on achieving tangible outcomes, combining strategic thinking with efficient execution to meet and exceed goals.

Deadline Conscious

Meticulously manages time and resources, consistently meeting deadlines without compromising quality.

Problem Solver

Possesses a natural ability to identify challenges, analyze root causes, and implement effective solutions.

Technical Skills

Embarking on a journey where technology meets innovation, my skills form the bedrock of a dynamic and versatile toolkit. From programming languages to cloud technologies, each skill reflects a facet of my proficiency and passion for crafting transformative solutions:


Crafting dynamic and versatile solutions.


Navigating and querying structured databases.

HTML / Bootstrap

Designing responsive and stylish web interfaces.


Streamlining and isolating application environments.


Harnessing the power of cloud infrastructure.


Building robust and scalable applications.


Managing unstructured data with flexibility.


Enhancing interactivity and user experiences.


Orchestrating scalable & resilient containerized applications.


Automating and orchestrating complex data workflows.


Esteban Quevedo Pardo

Esteban leverages 6 dynamic years, from Support Engineer to co-founding a successful software company dedicating 2 years to its establishment. Esteban's trajectory extended to Globant, propelling him through roles as a Python Developer and accomplished Data Engineer. Finally, he contributed to the field of MLOps Engineering at Mission Lane (USA) until he started studying in Canada.

Work Experience

2023 - Now

CEO & Founder

EQP Solutions 

Spearheads the strategic vision and overall direction of the company. Orchestrates innovative technology solutions, specializing in software development, data engineering, and ERP consultancy.

Ensuring the seamless execution of projects, driving EQP Solutions to the forefront of technological innovation and client success.

2022 - 2023

Data Engineer 


Worked as an MLOps Engineer at Mission Lane (USA) project, managing the architecture of the Data Science technologies (like Airflow, BentoML, and Yatai), DevOps - CI/CD Technologies (like Git, Jenkins, Argo CD, K8s), and developing new requirements.

2021 - 2022

Python Developer


Developed Airflow-Python DAGs to automate manual tasks, ensuring seamless operation and monitoring of essential connectors including S3, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Spark, and Qubole, critical for daily DAG workflows.

Implemented API connectors, established and maintained metrics, executed scripting, and more...

2019 - 2021

Chief Operating Officer

DrivErp S.A.S

Led the operations and consulting area, overseeing a team in executing end-to-end project cycles, including requirements gathering (utilizing Agile Scrum methodology), integrations, and comprehensive training of clients across diverse industry sectors.

In addition to enhancing existing Odoo modules, worked on the development of entirely new models, API integrations, and SQL reports tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse clients.

2017 - 2018

ERP Integration Consultant

Avancys S.A.S

Conducted thorough analysis and efficiently resolved both functional and code-related issues reported by users of the Odoo software.

Participated in project integrations and provided comprehensive training on functional use of modules including CRM, Sales, Purchases, and Warehouse.

2016 - 2017

Presales Engineer


Played a pivotal role in the company's success by actively participating in various public tenders, including the prestigious Nokia 4G contract in Colombia. Your exceptional technical acumen and strategic insights were instrumental in securing and delivering high-impact projects.


2023 - 2025

Computer Programming

Georgian College 

Ontario Diploma - Toronto, ON, Canada


Big Data Academy


Course - Bogotá D.C, Colombia


English Course Completion 

Western Town College

Certificate - Toronto, ON, Canada

2012 - 2018

Telecommunication Engineer

Santo Tomas University

Bachelor's Degree - Bogotá D.C, Colombia


Continuously investing in professional development

GCP Data Engineer
Airflow Fundamental Certificate


Social Media


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